GetGems Development Update #5

Hi everyone!
We have been hard at work since the last developer update.

Since launch, the Android app has gotten several stability and performance updates. This two weeks our main focus was on adding new features while working on the iOS and Aidrop system:

iOS is coming!

We have been working hard to bring the iOS up to speed and are happy to report that the major technical obstacles have been resolved. The iOS version will be released with all the current Android features.

Alot of the work has been done by Alon Muroch our new lead iOS developer. Alon is a self-taught programer, entrepreneur and an open source enthusiasts and advocate. He worked in various startups in the past 4 years (in Israel and Europe). The past year and a half he dedicates his time to contribute to various bitcoin projects (Bitcoin core, bitcoinj, ethereumj, Bitcoin Authenticator) while waiting for the new season of Suits!

That's it for this time, we aim to release another update regarding the Airdrop referral system we have been working on very soon.

Be sure to leave feedback and also let us know about your awesome ideas for GetGems.
We are listening and learning a lot.

From Alon and the team,

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