GetGems Development Update #6

Hi everyone!

We have again been hard at work since the last developer update. These past two weeks our focus was on three main things: (1) Airdrop referral reward mechanism (2) improving the user experience and simplicity of the Android app (3) polishing the iOS app while waiting for manual review by Apple to start.

Airdrop referral reward beta starts today!

(1) Off-Chain Support - As we have stated in the past, GEMZ are aimed towards the common user who doesn’t have a crypto currency background. Since GEMZ are rewarded for network contribution, these users will own GEMZ just from operating within the network. Effective immediately, for scalability to allow the large number of users who will be sending and receiving small amounts of GEMZ tokens using the Bitcoin blockchain which normally requires fees, GetGems will utilize a hybrid system for off-chain and on-chain transactions. This allows most GEMZ transactions to be instant and with no fees.

NOTE: Your existing In-App GEMZ will need to be transferred to the off-chain address using https://counterwallet.io/ for the GEMZ to be displayed by the App. Simply go to your online wallet which holds GEMZ and transfer to the address provided by your app. You can copy the GEMZ address to your clipboard and then paste it into an email sent to yourself, or use Telegram on the desktop and paste it into a message from within GetGems.

(2) Airdrop Referrals - Now when you enter the WALLET tab you will notice at top the “Referrals” and “GEMZ Earned” statistic. Referrals is the number of users which entered your name as an inviter in the inviter screen during registration. Pressing on the REFERRALS will show you who are the users you have personally invited. More on the Airdrop referal system we are working to implement here: http://bit.ly/1bJwPeJ

“BETA TESTING REWARD” NOTICE: we will use the time until the iOS version is released to test the referral mechanism so for now the daily AirDrop will be capped at 1000 GEMZ per day. We will also award every new user 5 GEMZ and every referral 25 GEMZ.

(3) Invites - As we continue to listen to your feedback, some users have complained about the flow after finishing the sharing process. Now when you invite a friend from your contact list you’ll get a message indicating that the invite has been successful.

Improved Android User Experience

(4) Sending and receiving BTC/GEMZ - Introducing off-chain support meant that GEMZ and BTC addresses are now different. To keep the WALLET tab user experience as intuitive as possible, now the GEMZ/BTC icon in the middle indicates which QR code will be generated and what type of cryptocurrency (GEMZ/BTC) will be sent. We also updated the sending to external address mechanism (QR scanner + address from clipboard) to be faster.

(5) Registration and Log-out - We have simplified the registration process to make it more friendly to new users. User passphrase will not be displayed in the registration process but instead it will be located in the SETTINGS tab. It’s incredibly important to write down and securely store this passphrase when you log-out of your wallet thus we made this a requirement for Logging out of the app. The phrase is a secure randomly generated passphrase composed of words. You can use passphrase to restore your wallet on https://counterwallet.io/ and any new device, such as if you lose your phone or get a new phone.

(6) Settings - We added “Wallet” Settings to the SETTINGS screen. Now when opening the SETTINGS screen you’ll see a “Wallet” section with a “Default Currency” setting. The crypto currency you choose will be always converted to display that fiat default currency. You will notice the conversation at the WALLET screen and the SEND TO ADDRESS screen.

(7) Popup Notifications - We noticed users are using the Popup notification feature, until now the app crashed on receiving incoming messages, we apologise for that. The current version has a fix for this issue and we added the option to send currency from the popup window too.

(8) Facebook SDK - We added facebook new SDK, in the future will test the ability to send gemz/btc directly to facebook friends.

(9) Additional Documentation - We have added a short explanation at the beginning of the app and we are working to add more tutorial messages within the app.

(10) Change Log - We added a change log dialog which will show up on each new Installation or update. So you can quickly know what’s new and experiment with the changes, your feedback is much appreciated! Please keep them coming :-)

iOS Screenshots Teaser

We are very excited about the near release of the iOS app (waiting for manual review), during the Android app development we’ve learnt a lot and worked hard to deliver a polished iOS initial version.

From Daniel Peled and the GetGems team,

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