GetGems Development Update #8

GetGems for iOS is NOW Available on the App Store

Hello everyone,

The day has arrived where we have met our second milestone, to have both the GetGems iOS app and Android app available and functioning as Bitcoin and Gems wallets with extensive messaging capabilities.

As mentioned in the past this wasn’t an easy task as Telegram iOS open source code isn’t as well maintained as the Android version. This resulted in a lot of work to get everything to look and function as smoothly as the official Telegram app in the app store. Further more iOS app has additional friction due to the manual review process conducted by the App Store team for every version we upload especially for encryption-heavy apps which require special approval. iOS users are now able to share the messaging functionality of Telegram plus a full Bitcoin Wallet experience.

Updated Telegram source

Telegram code doesn't compile on the latest iOS SDK for 64 bit. Apple doesn’t allow any app to be uploaded without 64 bit support from Feb 1, 2015. We added 64 bit support and updated Telegram's API layer and UI.

SPV client

As with the Android version the iOS bitcoin client is SPV (“simplified payment verification”), the wallet is connected directly to the bitcoin network, removing the need for trusted servers while maintaining much faster performance on mobile devices. Unlike other well known iOS bitcoin wallets, GetGems SPV wallet insures trustless decentralization of bitcoin payments

Cross Platform Referral Program

To make sharing the app easier and more rewarding each user has a unique URL. You can Share it, Post it or send it by letter to everyone you know :) When a new user downloads the app using the unique url, your username will automatically appear in the referral screen and you’ll be rewarded with 25 GEMZ for helping grow the network.

We have added the ability to invite all of your friends, regardless of OS to the GetGems iOS app with ONE click!

iPad Compatibility

The iPad specific app operates will all of the functionality of the iPhone version but takes advantage of the larger screen and maximizes the visibility for images, conversations and transactions.

Another First

This is the first integration of Telegram's open source in a Bitcoin Wallet. Having both iOS and Android versions available two months earlier than we anticipated is a testament to the development team's abilities. We are now able to devote our efforts to the attention economy and referral system, within the GetGems app.

Invite the World

The success of GetGems has always been dependent on the early adopters who understand the need to bring bitcoin to the masses. With the two major mobile operating systems able to use and enjoy the features of GetGems it is up to all of us to get the word out and benefit from the growth of GetGems, as we take back social.

See you on GetGems!

Daniel Peled - daniel@getgems.org

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