GetGems Development Update #9

Update For ANDROID version of GetGems
New Security Layers and Upgrading Referral Rewards to prepare for Airdrop

Hello everyone,

Before I introduce this issue's updates, I would like to thank all of the beta testers who have been tireless working with each beta version of GetGems Messenger and invite anyone receiving this Update to follow this link to get information on Becoming a GetGems Beta Tester

Enhanced Security and Preparing for the first Airdrop

We have been busy adding security measures to make sure Sybil attacks are difficult to implement and upgrading the referral mechanism in order to get ready for the Airdrop which will reward active users. We are currently testing the mechanism which validates who is active.

Telegram Client Version Update for Android.

Telegram has released their latest client version (2.8.1) with some very cool updates. We at GetGems believe in giving you guys the best experience there is, and we definitely don’t want you to miss any of the great features Telegram has to offer. So we had GetGems Messenger updated to the latest Telegram source for Android.


Photo Captions

New Voice Messages

Smart Notifications

Rich link Preview

Android Goodies

Removed SmartIcons a.k.a Chat Stickers

Unfortunately we had to remove the smarticons feature from GetGems for now. We know many of users liked it but the truth is the 3rd party library version we are using is causing a lot of issues and has excessive battery usage. We are going to work on a solution to bring back this awesome feature but in the meanwhile the only thing we can ask you is to be patient.

Many of you asked us to have a easier way to view and share your referral link. So that’s exactly what we did. You can now find your referral link at the Settings screen. Just tap the row and the link is copied to your clipboard, from that point paste it anywhere you like. Super simple, Super easy.

QR Screen redesign

We redesigned the QR screen to be simpler and minimalistic, showing the address under the QR code and then copied to the clipboard with one tap.

A part of our efforts to make GetGems the best wallet, we had a lot of requests to make the app Bitcoin uri compatible. Now, each time you would like to transfer money by clicking an URI at an external service, GetGems will handle it.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly for any questions or comments on this update.

See you on GetGems!

Daniel Peled - peled1986 - daniel@getgems.org

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