GetGems named Most Visionary Social Media Solution

GetGems named Most Visionary Social Media Solution

Tel Aviv - May 28th, 2015

“GetGems - Instant Payments Across Social Platforms” from Decentralized Mobile Applications Ltd., has been named “Most Visionary Social Media Solution” in the latest round of presentations selected by the Citi Mobile Challenge, a groundbreaking global initiative that invites technology developers to reimagine digital banking and fuel innovation in the financial industry.


The GetGems app is poised to provide instant payment solutions across social platforms and being able to explore a commercial relationship with Citi is a great step forward. In the next phase of the Citi Mobile Challenge, GetGems can potentially scale their solutions to Citi Bank’s clients worldwide.

“We are excited to be a part of the next phase in the Citi Mobile Challenge and look forward to continuing our development with the financial sector leadership of Citi.” explained Daniel Peled, CEO. “Development of our application has proceeded faster than expected and is now available for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile devices, opening the door to over 1.5 billion users.”

“We received more than 740 applications across 101 countries for this competition,” said Heather Cox, Chief Client Experience, Digital and Marketing Officer for Global Consumer Banking at Citi. “The quality and of the ideas was exceptional and we saw a tremendous variety of solutions at our Demo Days in Nairobi, Jerusalem, Warsaw and London. These developers can help us transform banking and fuel progress across other industries. We are so excited to work with them.”

GetGems app is a digital wallet, which doubles as a sophisticated mobile messaging app. Every user automatically has their own encoded and protected wallet, which calculates content values in USD. Each username is an alias to a wallet address, allowing users to easily send money to their friends by sending a text message. Unlike other messaging apps that offer payment functionality, GetGems reaches beyond those currently banked to those without a bank account or debit card. Blockchain technology enables this transfer of value.

for more information contact Daniel Peled
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