GetGems Development Update #11

Airdrop and Referrals, GEMZCARD released, Withdraw GEMZ from Koinify today

Hello everyone

June is heating up and development for GetGems continues, both iOS and Android apps as beta testing continues. If you want to join the Beta team, here: http://getgems.ghost.io/2015/05/14/getgems-beta-testers/

Security for Referrals and Airdrops

Our highest development priority currently is creating and testing the Airdrop and Referral system. Much of our effort is being put towards making it difficult to "game the system" for these rewards, so that there is a fair playing field for all GetGems users. If cyber attacks can happen to large companies they can certainly be attempted with GetGems, therefore we are being diligent to minimize their effectiveness should attacks take place by monitoring behaviors and by controlling the amount of Gems in our hot wallet.

GEMZCARD for GamePlay

GetGems is pleased to announce that a GEMZCARD has been released for the upcoming blockchain based Game “Spells of Genesis” and is available for players on the Counterwallet.io DEX at Counterwallet.io

EverdreamSoft has successfully connected their trading card game Moonga (iOS & Android) to the Bitcoin blockchain and is introducing a series of special blockchain-based trading cards for Moonga and their upcoming game Spells of Genesis (SoG). For more information see http://bravenewcoin.com/news/everdreamsoft-launches-blockchain-based-trading-cards/

Final days of Koinify platform

Those who have purchased GEMZ during the crowdsale will only have until June 30th to have their Gems moved to a counterparty wallet or their GetGems account. Please read the details at this link Withdraw your GEMZ from Koinify!

See you on GetGems!

Daniel Peled - peled1986 - daniel@getgems.org

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