GetGems Developer Update # 12

Exciting Updates for iOS and Android

Hello everyone,

This update brings with it a number of major developments for both Android and iOS, and much closer to where GetGems needs to be to integrate Airdrops, the “Attention Economy” rewards program, and the “GetGems Store”, which we are extremely excited about.

Standard Mnemonic passphrase support (Android and iOS)
Username Coupling (Android and iOS)
Security (Android and iOS)
Multiple Session Compatibility (Android and iOS)
Transaction History (Android and iOS)
Bitcoin Display Unit (Android only, iOS to follow)
More Exchange Currencies (Android only, iOS to follow)
New Design (Android only)

Enabled Two Factor Authentication (Android only)
Telegram Merge (Android only)
Withdraw your GEMZ from Koinify platform now!

Those who have purchased GEMZ during the crowdsale will only have until June 30th to have their Gems moved to a counterparty wallet or their GetGems account. Please read the details at this link Withdraw your GEMZ from Koinify!

GetGems In-App FAQ and Contact Us

We have added a Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Us links within the Settings section of both the iOS and Android app.

No, Thank you!

Many thanks from the development team for the great assistance of the GetGems Beta Tester community. There are currently 46 active members and we again invite anyone interested to join by clicking on this link. Apply for Beta Status!

See you on GetGems!

Daniel Peled - peled1986 - daniel@getgems.org

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