GetGems Development Update #13

New Look - New Functionality and The GetGems Store

Hello Everyone,

First this issue, we are pleased to introduce Arie Katz, the newest member of the GetGems team and the guy responsible for the great new User Interface. Arie is a designer, illustrator, and wannabe Mad Man. He originally followed Don Draper into the field of advertising, only to realize that if Don were around today, he'd be in the startup business.

The GetGems Store

Today we introduce to you the GetGems Store.
The store is divided into three major sections: Earn Gems, Stickers and Gift Cards.

Transaction Details

In this update we added transaction information. Each row in the wallet screen is unique and has it’s own purpose and data. Now by tapping it, you will get all the relevant information for that particular transaction. For Bitcoin transactions we have connected, via APIs to blockchain.info which when tapping the transaction line and then the transaction number you are taken directly to the detailed information on Blockchain.info website. We’ve also connected to Blockscan APIs to direct you to more detailed information on their site.

More Transaction Types

This update also introduces more transaction types, Bonuses, Stickers and Gift card Purchases are all in one screen. Making the wallet the center for every money transfer earned, sent or purchases you make.

Request Money Functionality

This update expands the functionality of ‘Request Money’. Until now, you could only copy your address to the clipboard or let someone the scan QR code. This update lets you add the value of the request. Send it to contact with a tap or share the request link on other platforms.

Telegram Merge (Android only)

This update also includes the latest Telegram code (3.0.1), Programmable Bot functionality and chat sticker organizations.

Greece and the GetGems Solution

With the recent developments in Greece, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency projects like GetGems is an easy way to introduce new users to the ecosystem. This blog describes the situation in some detail.

Again thanks to the GetGems Beta Tester community. There are currently 55 active members and we again invite anyone interested to join by clicking on this link. Apply for Beta Status!

See you on GetGems!

Daniel Peled - peled1986 - daniel@getgems.org

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